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Dream-O-Vision explores the artist’s internal landscapes and narrative. The excitement and joy that drive childhood fantasies and visions is upheld as an exultant creative force. “My fantasies are a foundation of my identity but not one which I have rationally or morally chosen. Dream-imagery reflects an individual’s most complete pre-rational experience of reality. It is an emotional-visual recording, constituting a valuable raw material in the ongoing task of trying to work out what on earth is going on.” The work explores the central question of how to build a reliable sense of self from the multitude of voices that exist within. A bold, creative clarity of child-like innocence is used as a torch to light up the walls of the internal darkness. The creative tension at the meeting of fantasy with a complex reality brings a rare levity and depth to the work. This collection of articles exudes the joy of creating while being enshrouded in the mysteries of the human condition. 

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Photo of Sam Hot Diggity!

An exhibition of sculpture and paintings

Living and working in central London, Sam Smith paints and sculpts colourful and lively figurative works in a unique intuitive style. His work embodies a logic-defying narrative of his internal world and personal life, articulating child-like fantasy in a visual language resemblant of dream. 


A self-taught artist, born in London in 1986, his intuitive instinct for drawing came from being immersed in a creative environment from the start of his life. The son of a Royal Collegian, his creative intrigue was further cultivated at school in Soho where his earliest memories are of working away at a low table doing drawings of cowboys, princesses and racing cars at the request of his classmates. The first ten years of his life deep embedded the creative seed in his internal landscape. Having worked as a street portrait artist, a cycling reportage artist and a dog portrait artist, the last ten years have been a creative journey leading him back to where he started; this is his second exhibition showing work made from ‘within’. 

'Hot Diggity!' 2023


2023 'Dream-O-Vision', 24th - 30th May London (solo show)

2022 'Hot Diggity!' 11th-13th Nov, (début solo show) read more

2022 Anthropologie, Kings Road, London 'Blooming Blossoms and Bonkers Dogs' (joint show - dog paintings)

2021 Anthropologie, Kings Road, London  'Atelier Fran' (joint show - dog portraits)

2021 Pistachio and Pickle, (solo show of dog portraits

2017 Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London (solo show of cycling paintings)

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