Sam in Picasso museum cropped

Sam Smith in the Musée Picasso, Paris, 2005


Sam Smith was born the son of an illustrator in London in 1986.


The formative experiences of his youth involved watching his father create images, which inspired an intuitive instinct to draw and paint which has never left him. Previously Sam has used his tight technical ability and keen eye for commission work, making a living from cycling paintings, dog portraits and working as a street portrait artist. 

However, for the last year, Sam has been turning his hand to what he sees himself as being put on this earth to do: to paint from his imagination, from 'within'. In his latest work, we see what has been learned during the previous years spent under the technical demands of replicating reality being repurposed as joyous free expression. His work is a dive into his vibrant internal world. 

The paintings are inspired by personal events, dreams and visions where he pits himself as various archetypal characters in allegorical and magical settings. They are a response to that core desire to draw which has forever been an instinct to the artist. As a result, the work is often mysterious and magical and almost always fun and invigorating. 

If you are interested in collaborating, buying or commissioning work, please contact me


2022 Oneforty Harrow, 'Hot Diggity!' 11th-13th Nov, (début solo show) read more

2022 Anthropologie, Kings Road, London 'Blooming Blossoms and Bonkers Dogs' (joint show - dog paintings)

2021 Anthropologie, Kings Road, London  'Atelier Fran' (joint show - dog portraits)

2021 Pistachio and Pickle, (solo show of dog portraits

2017 Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London (solo show of cycling paintings)