Artist's Statement

I paint autobiographical paintings that depict personal events and feelings on life. The works are often set in romanticised or allegorical setting and I am often portrayed in various guises. The characters express a part of me that isn’t in full view in real life. My paintings are a place where I can playfully express something of the internal worlds of my fantasies, dreams and visions. They are intuitive, lively and free and are motivated by a strong desire to create which I have had my whole life. 


The paintings are the materialisation of a fantasy world and the process of bringing them into being makes me feel alive and centred. Drawing and painting is something so instinctive to me, and is something I have done naturally since I was able to pick up a pencil. It is an ongoing way of life which helps me process my visual and emotional experience of the chaos of existence and is a necessary extension of who I am, without which I would go insane. 


I start painting something with a specific idea and direction but don’t over-analyse the end-point. I try to feel my way through the painting process, working instinctively and using my intuition to guide the piece. Part of the process means that the paintings often go through a metamorphosis during their production - starting off in one way but getting worked over sometimes multiple times before the painting finds a harmony and I feel satisfied with what it says.